Notes of an Asexual Muslim


I end up coming out over and over again, usually facing people doubting the legitimacy of my sexual identity. Even my mom, a liberal psychologist without a homophobic bone in her body, told me that she thought I wanted to be bisexual because I thought it was cool. Biphobia, while often unacknowledged, is rampant. I know several closeted bi women who publicly identify as lesbians because they don’t want to face exclusion and ridicule from their lesbian friends. The sexuality of those who identify as “straight” and “gay” is polarized to tail ends of the spectrum as bisexual behavior is effectively policed with shame by both communities. This delegitimization of bisexuality serves to further conceal our presence in the queer community and contributes to my feelings of being excluded.

- Three strikes, you’re out: Exclusion from the queer community | Good Vibrations Blog